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Description :
In Cafydia a new system to control your diabetes is implemented. If you don't want to use the recommendations that Cafydia Diabetes offers you still can use adding glucose tests and build your charts in the way you want.

The charts activity is built by users, It is the eyes of Cafydia's users. You can choose charts by hours, by dates, by days of the week, by quantity of carbohydrate intake. After in them, you can represent blood glucose levels extracted from the database and can specify in the criteria the days of the week, times of day, include or exclude date ranges labeled, since and/or until relative or absolute dates, organized all in pages. And finally, with polynomial regressions, linear regressions, mean, median, maximum, minimum, anything that users choose, can represent and study how they are and make in Cafydia appropriate changes to improve those levels, in the case that you were using the recommendations.

When performing two meals a linear function is generated that is used to get new doses on meals with carbohydrate values ​​not taken earlier. A simple method to modify this linear function is implemented. Taking the fact that two hours after a meal must never be above 150 mg/dL, you can raise or lower the latest recommendation for light meals,
for copious meals, or for all meals.

If the initial dose provided by the element that in Cafydia we call Baseline (linear function), needs to be altered due to exercise, or whatever, Cafydia provides the ability to create modifiers that can be scheduled and planned in different ways. If you used to go jogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at that time has n units to be administered less, create a Corrective (instantaneous modifier) and program it for those days. You also can activate it manually, in the meals menu.

With the problem we diabetics have some times when we need to raise or lower doses but also those increases or decreases are not instantaneous, but gradual, we have one element called Metabolic Rhythms. It is configurations that solve this problem. You can define Beginnings of each of the Metabolic Rhythms or how the doses will be modified with the passage of time since its activation.

If you want to enable the calculation of the Correction Factor, the deviations of glucose before meals from 100mg/dL or 5.5mmol/L will be corrected automatically. Only have to worry about adding the glucose before meal and enter the foods you eat, Cafydia will address the increase or decrease of the preprandial dose automatically.

If you are a diabetic who worries his health should install Cafydia.

Please, after install the application read the first steps:

New Features
* Thanks to Google Backup Services, you never will lose your data. In case of broken phone, or a change, reinstalling the application will bring all your data back.
* Added support for Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 and HTC One phones
* Added a fourth tab on Food Panel to perform food Internet searches

Recent changes:
* Solved some performance issues in Baseline activity.
* Now an alarm system will notify you about the coming limit of each meal. This is to avoid meals after hours. You can specify the range in minutes. Enjoy it!

Download Cafydia Diabetes - Version:

Cafydia Diabetes
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Size: 3398 kb
Android O/S: Android

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