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Description :
Do you want to top your class 9 science exams? Are you bored of your NCERT class 9 science book? Use our CBSE app and start learning in a 21st century way – when you learn for fun, you learn for life!

What is MarkSharks Class 9 Science?

MarkSharks is a revolutionary app that enables students to:

Revise concepts and principles they learn in the CBSE Class 9 curriculum
Test their knowledge by solving questions
Access NCERT Class 9 Solved questions
Access NCERT Class 9 Exemplar questions
MarkSharks is designed to help students understand concepts and principles so that they don’t have to spend hours memorizing facts and formulas.

This leads to a deeper understanding of topics which results in better marks.

How does MarkSharks work?

MarkSharks reinforces CBSE Class 9 science curriculum that students have learnt in class through

Sensor linked activities
Virtual science experiments
3-D models
Interactive exercises
We have harnessed the power of mobile devices to enable true “learning by doing” – we deconstruct the NCERT class 9 textbook curriculum and transform it into engaging science projects for students!

What MarkShark is NOT:

This is NOT a collection of CBSE 9 class question papers/ CBSE 9 class sample papers/ solved CBSE science 9 sample papers: Merely taking tests is NOT enough. We believe that conceptual clarity is key!
This is NOT just a pdf of 9th standard science textbook/ NCERT 9 class science book/ CBSE 9th class science book.
What MarkSharks is:

MarkSharks CBSE IX science app is currently mapped to the CBSE science class 9 book and syllabus – our app covers content from all class 9 physics, class 9 chemistry and class 9 biology topics found in the NCERT book, which are:

1. Matter in our Surroundings
2. Is Matter Around us Pure?
3. Atoms and Molecules
4. Structure of the Atom
5. The Fundamental Unit of Life
6. Tissues
7. Diversity in Living Organisms
8. Motion
9. Force and Laws of Motion
10. Gravitation
11. Work and Energy
12. Sound
13. Why Do We Fall Ill
14. Natural Resources
15. Improvements in Food Resources

Over the next few months we will continue to add new features and subjects to MarkSharks so that students not only can learn on their own, at their own pace and in their own time, but can also share their learnings with friends via our “social learning” environment and access to tutors online to help clear problems. Parents will get online access to track their child’s performance on MarkSharks and compare it with other students who are studying on the system.

Class nine is a stressful time in a student's life. A lot of students will be sitting for the board exams in a year and have to learn how to study effectively in order to be able to go over all the science 9th content. MarkSharks Science for class 9 teaches students to go through the ncert science class IX textbook in a way that helps them not only memorise concepts but also understand them. With chapters like gravitation (physics class 9), tissues(biology class 9) and atoms and molecules (chemistry class 9) coming their way students must take time to learn the concepts and not just facts if they want to ace their std 9 science exams.

Recent changes:
General bugs fixed.

Download Class 9 Science by MarkSharks - Version:

Class 9 Science by MarkSharks

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