CogDemo-V2 2.0.3 for android

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Description :
The complete source code of this app is open sourced at

Cognalys Android Library (CAL)

CAL is one of the most advanced and powerful library that any developer can envision. It gives him the power to integrate CAL with ease into his number verification application. It’s one of the unique and most user friendly API.

CAL position’s the missed call verification processes. This method replaces the conventional procedure of verification course viz SMS , thus plummeting the cost and escalating the steadfastness of the verification procedure.

CAL is a Plug n Play API that is the easiest to deploy. It hardly takes any effort for the developer to integrate CAL into his API and once integrated into his application the activation process is automatic. . CAL has the capability to carry out the mobile number verification at any stage i.e during installation or in between the application process. CAL will use its built inn intelligence and will automatically interpret the missed call generated from Cognalys services and perform the authentication process robotically without any interference or support from the developers end.

Benefits of Cognalys Android Library (CAL)

CAL is a boon for any developer. The developer is free from all the snags he has to undergo to integrate / develop the conventional SMS based mobile number verification process. CAL needs very little coding efforts to integrate. The other advantages of CAL are .

Easy integration and activation process.
No need to read the call log or messages log.
No need for the users to manually input the code from anywhere to get verified.
User can use the same mobile number for installation and verification.
Collect and create a better analytics and insights about the application.
Instant verification since missed calls will not be delayed as like SMS services.
Detailed insight facts about the active and inactive users.
Restful reporting API to fetch details from Cognalys cloud.
Real-time reporting of API , will push the details of the verified users automatically on a real time basis.

CAL Benefit to the Entrepreneur

Reliable and cost effective system for verification compared to SMS processes (transaction SMS are costly)
Time saving for the development.
Powerful tool for analysis and insight.
Powerfully built dashboard with reporting APIs.
Unlimited usage of applications for a single Cognalys account.

Recent changes:
Fixed crash on Samsung DUOS verify action

Download CogDemo-V2 - Version: 2.0.3

Process CogDemo-V2 2.0.3 download page
Size: 885 kb
Android O/S: Android

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