Counterfeit Money Detector Fun

Counterfeit Money Detector Fun 1.0.0 for android

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Description :
If someone would give me a $100 currency note. I do not know if it is genuine or Fake, For me $100 is a huge amount of money.
So I need such a currency note detector. Have fun with your friends, family and neighbors with this Counterfeit Money Detector Fun.

The battle to prevent counterfeiting has been ongoing since the invention of currency.
With a rapid increase in fake currency one can never know whether they are actually holding a fake or a genuine note.
The answer is simple but requires a keen eye to be able to detect the difference.

Use the mobile camera to try to detect the note. Just put the note in front of mobile backside camera.

To be able to detect a fake note move the UV light over the currency till you come across optical fibers (Every country currency note have different spots

and you should know your currency spots). when you would reach that spot you would see the optical fiber will glow which is a proof that you have a genuine

currency in your hands Last but not the least, if at any time the ATM spits out a fake note take it to the branch to which the ATM belongs. Mention the time

at which the transaction took place, the amount involved as well as the denominations. With the given information the bank might be able to trace when and

how it got into the system.

Disclaimer : This is a funny application just to have fun with pretending that you can detect fake / counterfeit currency.
Counterfeit Money Detector Fun can not really detect if the currency is fake or real.

Download Counterfeit Money Detector Fun - Version: 1.0.0

Counterfeit Money Detector Fun

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