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REM Volver a casa 1.0

Es un programa de entrenamiento en Mindfulness o Atención Plena, la habilidad de la mente para dirigir la atención al momento presente con aceptación de todo lo que surja. El e…

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GoAyurveda,remedies for sure 1.0

This app is an overall package for incureable diseases.All these remedies are natural and has no side effects. Ayurvedic medicine is a system of healing that originated in ancient India. In Sanskrit…

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e_keneya 1.0.1

e_keneya permet de géolocaliser les structures de santé, de prendre rendez vous avec un médécin, donner la liste des médicaments pris en charge par l'AMO

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Tracks - Running with story 1.0

"This app turns your boring run into an action movie." by TheNextWeb “A fitness app aims to turn mundane exercise routines into an entertaining activity“ by PSFK Sound blockbus…

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Healing Sound - Sleep Relax 1.1.0

###### High Quality Sound #### ###### Background Running ##### Many Healing Sounds are provided. You can enjoy sounds for relaxing on background. We will add more healing contents. Forest, rain, …

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MuscularStrength 1.0.1

MuscularStrength is an online community for fitness enthusiasts! Here you can get ideas for workouts and exercises, create your profile, post your pics and track your progress. You can also meet othe…

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Bicep Workouts 1.2.1

This application will provide different kinds of workouts related to biceps which will be helpful to Increase Bicep Mass, Strength, Shape and fitness. Here we have given the clear instructions, tips …

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myCuratio 0.9.2

myCuratio is an all new way to manage important health information for you and your loved ones, and connect you with other patients and caregivers that have the same health issues and interests as yo…

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CloudKare 0.0.2

> What should I tell the doc about my past ailment/ medical history? I don’t remember the exact disease/ problem. > Should I carry all my medical records data with me? Do I even have all …

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30 Day Fitness Challenge 1.00

Workout at home without equipment. Our 30 Day Fit app workout tracker includes 3D animated video instructions. Synchronize with Google Fit. 30 Day Fitness Challenge is based on the Scientific Biorhy…

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