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Blood Pressure Checker Prank 1.0.0

"Blood pressure" is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage the body in many wa…

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Kidney Connect 1.4

Kidney Konnect is a community app especially made for kidney patients. This platform allows the patient to share their day to day struggles as well as learn new experiences from fellow patients. Thro…

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Gym Trainer 1.0

Your Personal trainer provides the correct way and position to do excerise

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YouMove 1.0.4

YouMove automatically recognizes and logs your workout routine using your Android Wear smart watch. It can automatically recognize exercises such as bench press, squat, curl, and deadlift. It can eve…

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DiaExpert 0.0.1

Mit der DiaExpert App wird die Bestellung jetzt noch einfacher und schneller - fotografieren Sie einfach Ihr Rezept - und ab geht's! • Wenige Schritte: ➀ Fotografieren Sie Ihr Rezept über …

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teeBishil 1.4.3

تطبيق teeBishil يحوي برنامج "المساعد الشخصي لفائدتك من الشاي الأخضر": - برنامج مخصص لمساعدتك في معرفة عدد الاكواب المناسبة لك من الشاي الأخضر يوميا. - وأفضل أوقات شربها من آجل تحقيق آهم هدف…

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Ajmer Raktdata 1.3

Ajmer RaktData App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood is easier than ever. In Ajmer RaktData Hospital can generate request for blood and donor can respond to blood…

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Crossrope 1.5

This ultimate jump rope fitness app was customized for the Crossope interchangeable multi-weight jump rope system. These interval workouts range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and provide fu…

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शैली (Shelli) 1.2

Our App, Shelli takes in a wide range of parameters that determines the pollution and pollutants and designs custom packages of plants to help absorb these pollutants and purify you air. Check out Sh…

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Asystent Zdrowego Żywienia 1.0.0

Zadbaj o siebie z „Asystentem Zdrowego Żywienia” aplikacją Instytutu Żywności i Żywienia. Korzystając z aplikacji, możesz nie tylko zapobiec nadwadze i otyłości, ale także wielu innym cho…

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