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Model On Marker - EV Toolbox 1.0

Простой пример использования EV Toolbox.

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Jornadas Juveniles 1.1

La aplicación consta de un buscador por nombre y número de canción para una búsqueda más rápida. Recent changes: Ahora compatible para dispositivos que supe…

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Singer Show Me How 1.0

Singer Show Me How application allows users to get information on Singer products. The application consists of QR code scanner, Demo video search bar and basic product guide. Use the QR code scanner …

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React Native UIExplorer 1.1

Explorer React Native UI components instantly, no more waiting of compilation. Recent changes: Remove crashing examples, may require reinstall to fix the problem.

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Que Fome

App QUE FOME é um aplicativo que exibe uma lista de empresas que trabalha na área gastronômica. Exibindo a quem tem fome um menu completo, e quais delas fazem delivery. Atrav&eacu…

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ВАЗ 2121 Узлы и Агрегаты 1.0

Пособие рассчитано на владельцев автомобилей, автослесарей и автомехаников, учащихся школ и курсов по подготовке водителей. В процессе производства автомобили ВАЗ постоянно совершенствуются, поэтому …

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FlexboxLayout Playground 1.0.1

This app lets you explore the various attributes which can be applied to the Android implementation of FlexboxLayout and it's child views. Additional child views can be added using the add button …

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Шпаргалки ЕНТ/КТ 1.0

"" – бұл ҰБТ/ҚТ-ға дайындалуға көмек беретін және тестілеуде жоғары көрсеткішке жеткізетін жеңіл, жылдам және тиімді мобильдік қосымша. Бұл бағдарлама сіздің өмірікіздегі ең …

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Photo Effects 2.1.3

Photo effects is an application that will learn and see the best effects to apply to your favorite photos. In this application site you will find hundreds of royalty free photo obtained from the Inte…

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Tips for Whatsapp Messenger 1.1

How to use WhatsApp WhatsApp, an informal farewell game "what's up?", Is an app ad-free mobile messaging that allows users to exchange text messages and multimedia through their Internet da…

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