3D Burn Resuscitation 1.1

3D Burn Resuscitation is FREE and NO ADVERTISEMENT HOW TO USE: 3D Burn Resuscitation is an application for calculating burn resuscitation fluid by using Thai human 3D Model. The…

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ALAB informator 1.0.3

Aplikacja przeznaczona dla lekarzy i dietetyków umożliwia zapoznanie się z aktualną ofertą laboratoriów znajdujących się w sieci Alab laboratoria oraz weryfikacji jaki jest cel wykonani…

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Campus 1.4.0

Campus Live in a Box is the innovative online platform to train and educate HCPs. Education that matters. Day by day. Life by life. Recent changes: Bug fixed

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Drogarias Real Saúde AchaFarma 1.0.18

Este aplicativo pertence ao sistema AchaFarma. É um aplicativo para smartphones e tablets em que os usuários podem fazer pesquisa de medicamentos e outros produtos nas drogarias e farm&…

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Sổ tay bệnh lý 2016 1.1

Ứng dụng "Sổ Tay Bệnh Lý" hoàn toàn miễn phí, không cần đăng nhập , không chứa sms ngầm , không thu thập thông tin cá nhân …

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Visual Anatomy 3D | Human 1.2

An interactive visual guide for learning and understanding human anatomy Quickly get a clear and complete 3 dimensional understanding of all muscles, bones & organs of the human body. Includes th…

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DentOR 1.0

A project of Dental Management includes registration of patient storing their details into the system as well as pushing notifications to remind the dentist and sending reminder emails to patients an…

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AdviseMe Pro (No Ads) 0.8.1p

Note: this version is ads free and supports more functions than the standard version of AdviseMe! AdviseMe is the simplest and funniest app to manage your medicines. Studied to be the most intuitive…

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Skin Disease - Cure Naturally 1.5

This app is designed to help diagnose skin diseases at early stage and its cure and preventive measures. We have included the photos, symptoms and what you can do to cure it. -- pimples -- skin can…

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Cure For Sure 1.0

This app features some of the common diseases along with their homeopathic treatments.the app has been developed in simple classic interface to avoid difficulty in usage.the interface is very handy a…

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