Digital Drug Index 1.0

The app provides you with the answers regarding to the generic drugs based on a well-structured index. It facilitates quick search of drug brands which are systematically arranged according to the mo…

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Miacare美若康-專業隱形眼鏡 1.0.0

Miacare美若康專為會員設計的APP,內容功能簡介: 1.最新消息:讓您第一手掌握活動資訊、並了解品牌故事。 2.產品介紹:提供美若康產品的詳細介紹,並可分享給朋友。 3.購物車:專為會員提供商品指定到店配送服務,無須線上付款。 4.門市查詢:詳細呈現門市資訊,並貼心引導至離您最近的門市。 5.會員中心:訂貨資訊、訂購記錄、推播訊息不漏接。 6.不定期會員專屬優惠發佈,隱形眼鏡或…

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illustrated Baby Nelson-Full 1.0

General Pediatrics in an extra easy illustrative format Designed basically for undergraduates and also as an excellent base for postgraduates interested in pediatrics

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Kegel exercise - Kegel trainer 1.3

Kegel exercises make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. These muscles control your urine flow and help hold your pelvic organs in place. Doctors often prescribe Kegels for: Stress incontinence . T…

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Airmed Pathlabs 1.0

Airmed Pathlabs brings an app to manage your and your family's health on your finger tips. The app has features like booking a test in 2 step, view reports including history, personalized health pack…

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M-sense: Migräne & Kopfschmerz

M-sense ist die erste zertifizierte Medizin-App, die dich darin unterstützt, deinen Migräne- und Spannungskopfschmerzen aktiv vorzubeugen. Das Ziel ist es, gemeinsam mit dir die Auslös…

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IBT Healthkart 1.0

This Android app if official app of is a leading healthcare e-commerce portal of INDRA BIOTECH which is recognized for its perpetual evolution and growth. Headqu…

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MU QC Beta en ALFIM 1.0.0

OBJECTIVE The objective of development the mobile App MU QC is provide an independent Monitor Units verification tool to ensure adequate accuracy, safety and effectiveness of patient treatment. This…

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Drugs in Emergency and ICU 2.0

به‌ ناوی خودای گه‌وره‌ و مهره‌بان سه‌ره‌تا خۆم به‌ خۆشحاڵ ئه‌زانم كه‌ توانیم ئه‌م به‌رنامه‌یه‌ دورست بكه‌م بۆ سیسته‌می ئه&z…

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Blackwell 0.0.2

The World's Personalized Health News App Blackwell App is the place to keep up with your personalized Health articles from around the globe. The content is updated daily to bring you a wide and …

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