Lisnet 1.0.6

Ferramenta para visualização e acompanhamento de resultados de exames. Somos pioneiros em disponibilizar interface que permite em tela, a identificação da amostra e dado…

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Patti Vaithiyam Paatti Remedy 1.0

Patti Vaithiyam Patti Remedy is a traditional Tamil method followed by Tamil hearts across the glob. It can also be defined as a form of Siddha Maruthuvam. Paatti Vaithiyam is also known as the the…

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RaktKosh 1.0

We try to do who needs Blood , here we provide the platform to Accept and Donate the Blood with Simple and Easy Functionality and users Friendly

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Vydya Ratnakaram 1.0

Vydya Ratnakaram app provides solutions to your health problems. This app related to the following contents. 1. Health 2. Heart & Liver 3. Eye 4. Cancer 5. Some common problems 6. Kids 7. Legs 8…

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Dent Tips

Dent TIPS is an app taylor-made for dental professionals, with the aim to deliver a huge database of tips shared from dentists across the globe. The app allows users to find tips by category, and to …

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Siddha Maruthuvam Medicine 1.0

Are you looking for simple Siddha Medicine tips in Tamil? Health is wealth! Siddha Maruthuvam medicine method , originated in India and founded by Tamilans. Siddha medicines uses only the natura…

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Dr. Puuja Arora Bhatnagar 1.0.0

Tired of waiting? Use the app to avoid all that frustrating wait from your life. Get in Line from anywhere: Don’t waste your time waiting in a crowded lobby. Add yourself to the waitlist with…

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Medsave TPA 1.2.10

Now do not default on your policy and intimate your claim anytime anywhere. Connect with us in real time download and share your E-card (ID required for Cashless treatment) network hospitals in case …

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Medicab India Health Care 1.1

Our aim is Prompt and Qualitative health care solution for community as well as Jobs for unemployed professionals to make India Healthy and wealthy . Recent changes: Bug Fixes

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Oxygener App 1.0.0

奧斯帝摩,優氧醫學的專家。 1.【專屬奧斯帝摩優氧顧問服務】 奧斯帝摩產品的顧客,享有一對一的專屬優氧顧問服務,解決疑難雜症。 2.【奧斯帝摩產品保固開通】 奧斯帝摩產品的保固在App內開通後,即可開始享有維修與退換貨服務。 3.【最新優氧相關症狀解釋】 獲取最新的優氧策略、病症解釋、改善建議與案例分享。 4.【優氧歷程紀錄與顧問建議】(開發中) 紀錄對於自己優氧的歷程、微循環的檢測紀錄…

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